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Another aspect to the healthcare debate, since it doesn't seem many people know about this:

The United States Government provides health insurance to members of the military. It is government funded, and all members of the military get it when they join. This coverage is also applied to their dependents, or immediate family. And, once again to the military retirees and their dependents, or immediate family. This all used to be under TriCare, but TriCare has been split and focuses on the retirees.

This is a big deal. This is why Dad won't let me get an active duty ID, even though I am eligible for one: because if I do not have my dependent ID, I am effectively without health insurance of any kind.

TriCare is unique in the fact that it is very affordable, won't bankrupt you if you do have an emergency healthcare issue, and does not look at pre-existing conditions.

But the keywords are it is government funded and provided. If you didn't think we had socialized health care before, which I don't get at all considering Medicare and Medicaid, TriCare is definitely another socialized aspect of our medical system. I am not making any of this up.

This may not affect any opinions on my f-list as is, but it's also a good point to keep in mind if you feel like debating healthcare randomly.


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