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I fucking hate admin days. Somehow, I've managed to avoid most of the ones we've had since I've been on shift. But today was just a nightmare.

Admin days, for better or worse, as so we don't have to go on 'leave' for having a four day weekend. It's a stupid bureaucratic rule that basically ensures that, no matter what, we are working four days a week. Even though our schedule is supposed to be 4 on, 3 off, 3 on, 4 off. And they're supposed to be a 6 hour day, and most of the time they are! Today was not a 6 hour day, though.

And I'm stupid exhausted because of it. Originally, there was no plan given to us for today's day. None, so I assumed the plan was show up at 8 for the Current Intelligence Brief, go 'PT' for an hour and a half, "shower" for two hours, and then go home.

But, no, I got a last minute text about a commander's call at 3. So I figured, "Okay, show up at like 12, then..." BUT NO, SOMEONE SCHEDULED ORGANIZED PT AT 9:30??? AND THEN SAID THE COMMANDER WOULD BE THERE? fucking jerks. So I showed up at 9:30, finally get to leave at 5:30 after all is said and done. And the commander didn't even show up at 9:30 for PT with us.

Keep in mind that between PT and the commander's call, I had literally nothing to do. There wasn't a plan, I'm current on my medical stuff, and my ancillary training is all up to date. I wasn't on the bad-boy list for mock PT tests or any of our Go, No Go requirements.


And I'm mad about it, and my ankle and knee are killing me from walking around in blues all day. I hate that uniform with the passion of a thousand suns. Argh, fml.

Good news, I guess, is I get Friday off! So... that's something, right? H. Hahaha.

orz. I want to go to bed and it's only 7 o'clock. Where the fuck has my energy gone? I'm tired all the damn time now.


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