grazie: divisionsix @ lj (¶ The most convincing)
{ the spell of the d r e a m} ([personal profile] grazie) wrote2013-02-25 02:36 pm

(no subject)

I think. I may want to try and make these.

The Bailey's, Jameson, and the Guinness alone will bring the bill for making these up to like 40 bucks when combined with all the other ingredients. But buy those once, and you don't have to buy them again with the exception of possibly the Bailey's, so... And I do love drop shot drinks.

Anyway, been wavering on and off with bad feels for awhile, so I might try to just keep my head down for a few weeks. And see if that helps with anything.

I need something to cook tomorrow that will last me all set for food, too. :/a Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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