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I know. I know, I really have jack shit to complain about with regards to my weight. But I was at 20 pounds heavier than I was two and a half years ago, and though a lot of my weight is muscle, that entire 20 pound weight gain? All fat. How can I tell? Well, some of it is surmising.

When I went on nights for three months, I had my PT test right before I was fully qualified as a MOC, so I was still working backshop hours. When I had my PT test, I weighed in at 131 pounds. Until today, the scale would always say around 156 pounds, and subtracting clothes weight at about 3 pounds... you get 153.

What I did when I was on nights: Pathetic workouts that didn't challenge me, next to no actual gym time because it's closed, eating out a lot because I was not very adamant about preparing my lunches for the set in advance... that equaled out to a lot of take-out Chinese, a lot of chipotle and Starbucks, and a lot of WingStop.

Plus I didn't cook very much when I was off either, so there was a lot of Indian take-out from my favorite place here.

The other way I can tell is that my pants really, truly, did not fit right anymore. And even though I was running semi-regularly, I lost significant time on my run. I could tell it was happening around my PT test, but I went from a solid 13:15 mile and a half to... Well, I just ran it in 15:23. That's embarrassing, because that's where I was before I even entered ROTC. And I'm pretty sure it's because of the 20 extra pounds of girth that I've put on. Running at a solid pace is exhausting in a way that it wasn't before I went on nightshift.

And this is just three months. Admittedly, I could get away with this more when I was doing a backshop job because I was working out regularly at the gym, and in group PT. But when you're on crew, group PT pretty much doesn't exist anymore. We just don't work out as a squadron like I was used to before.

So, I have been doing something new. I've been cooking just about every meal-- I can count the number of times I have actually eaten out since the start of the year on one hand. I've also almost kicked juice completely to the curb... and then I rediscovered ovaltine, but I've compared the nutritional value between my favorite juice at Trader Joe's and Ovaltine, and the latter is definitely the lesser of two evils...

Hell, I was buying small things like pot pies and those Tostino's Pizza Stuffers to bide me time between when I didn't feel like cooking, and so I wouldn't have to try and completely change my eating habits right away, which I'm sure would lead to defeat. But it's been about two weeks since I last bought something like that.

But most of all, I feel more comfortable with things in the kitchen? I've been trying a wider variety of recipes, and modifying some of them in ways I think would improve them for my personal tastes... or just based on a lack of ingredients? I couldn't find some of the ingredients for a Thai sweet potato curried soup once so I made do... and it actually came out really, really well.

Right now, I've been picking through a Sonoma Chicken Salad recipe I found online that used no mayo... +_+

All of this weeks and weeks of trying to modify things finally led to two pounds being gone. But two pounds is a lot when I don't think I have overly far to go as far as weight loss, and it feels good primarily because I found the areas where I was shorting myself (primarily, I had been eating rice as a quick meal. Seriously underestimated the amount of calories there. Sigh.), and to see results from "oh, well, let's stop that."

It also speaks to the stricter workouts I'm putting myself through-- even though I ran my mile and a half at a pathetic clip, I was still able to crank out 30 pushups with very little problems, and I continue to max out the sit-ups. So I've been working my upper body hard, I just need to catch my lower body up to that.

I guess... it's kind of nice to see, because I know I was surrounded with a lot of bad habits at home. Dad continues to yo-yo with his weight because he's a mindless eater. He's the kind of person who will bring in a big bowl of pecans and sit down to watch TV, and just crack pecans and eat them until the entire bowl is gone.

Or stop and get fast food while he's driving around to fill time (though I more saw the aftermath of that in his car than ever really saw him do it). Mom and dad also let me eat whatever I want, so finding healthy, or even more varied, options of what I like is a lot of trial and error for me at home.

Either way, damn it, I am encouraged. |D