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So, watching Supersize vs. Superskinny has me thinking about my relationship with food. .-. So I think I'm going to keep a journal about what I eat and drink? Since I kind of want to know how I eat. IT WAVERS BETWEEN REALLY HEALTHY, I FEEL, and really, really.... stereotypical American. So, let's get down to it. I know I was raised with an extremely unhealthy relationship-- mom and dad never made me try things, and so I subsisted off of instant mashed potatoes, ramen noodles, pot pies, and pizza rolls, with the almost weekly mcdonalds. if not for braces and the pain i went through with them BREAKING APART THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH I would be a lot worse off... because that encouraged me to not eat. :')

It wasn't til I actually started living on my own in a non-college context that I started trying to experiment with food and cooking. So, like. Living with Ry and Jeva is around when I started cooking things! And cooking things that were relatively healthy at that. But the fact that I was standing for 10 hours plus a day at my job in Seattle really hid the fact that I was still eating out most of the time. Kind of like waitressing in college hid that I never ate at home.

I feel really dumb, but I bought an exceptionally expensive set of cookingware and knives at a show this week. But it comes with a lifetime warranty that transfers to my progeny (children and grandchildren apparently), so if that is true and I never have to buy pots and pans again, I think it will be worth it.

Plus he baked a fucking cake in the pot. I sat there and was amazed that a cake baked perfectly. In a pot on a burner.

So I'm torn on "yes good decision" and "hnnnngh but price." But. I'm putting away a large chunk of money into savings. And if that keeps up, I shouldn't have to worry at all.

I'm also planning on scheduling the GMAT for about 3 months from now-- gonna take it and if I get a high score, which I've been doing pretty good on the practice tests I've taken, I'll schedule for one final GRE test, and then start getting together all the things I need to apply to go to the University of Chicago. I'll be eligible for my GI Bill benefits in June, so if I apply to go in fall 2014, I can go get a good degree for free.

I'm also going to apply to UC Berkley and the University of Washington. Because no matter what, I am going to grad school in 2014. I'm not staying in the Air Force. I'm just SO tired of it, and I still have a little under a year and a half to go. I will focus on not making anymore BIG purchases, and pay down as much as I can on both my car (which I will probably increase the payments significantly 1) when I pay off this credit card, which has one more month of payments at the current rate and 2) when I get my pay raise in June.) and these pans I bought, while saving money.

I've set a savings goal of about $15000 for June after next, as well. If I can get that much saved up, I'll be in good shape for moving wherever I have to move. Which means significantly cutting on bullshit like eating out often. (see, now the pans have a purpose! probably >_>) Once I file my taxes and get my return, I'll probably throw that at the pan-set, and be off to a good start of just... getting everything paid off.

huff hrfff. We'll see. OKAY THIS IS ENOUGH BABBLE aaaaaahhhhhh thinking too much about the future gets me so excited gawd.

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