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MY ATTEMPT TO REIGN IN MY COMMUNICATION GAFFES HAS HIT TWO SUCCESSFUL DAYS STRAIGHT. Party! I still log into plurk, obviously. But it's much more based on talking to others, because I know I will miss stuff if I adamantly refuse to check it (and I would fail horribly at this new resolution...). But all in all, it's not been a bad attempt. Sometimes I log in to share things I find interesting...


I'm very easy to please...)

But there's been some updates to toss out! On the Don't Say Gay bill that I posted about yesterday, Tennessee's governor, Bill Haslam, has said he doesn't support it. So hopefully Knoxville's Stacy Campbell (a man) will knock it the fuck off. But then there was another thing in the news about a man in Jackson, TN turning in his dog because he thought he was gay.

God damn, Tennessee.

Also, Syria is making things worse again. Or Israel made things worse, and Syria is jumping on the bandwagon. But it feels like it's a literal powderkeg out there, and I'm kind of worried. Syria's claiming the right to retaliate against Israel's strike. Which, normally I would say, "Makes sense." But if Israel's unstated reason for striking is true, I'm torn. Because that would complicate it. We have made international strikes on terrorism a legitimate thing.

From the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and possibly Libya depending how you look at it... to the current French intervention in Mali... To attacks on the FARC in Columbia. We've legitimized that, and Syria is literally not in a position to govern itself. And part of me is thinking Assad wants to drag the world into this. But I can't figure out why, them counter striking Israel would do no one any good.

I don't know, I can't figure out what the point of dragging the US and Iran into a more combative stance does for anyone. And Russia! But who knows what side of this Russia's going to sit on, since they've pretty much abandoned their support for Assad's regime the moment they took their citizens and got the hell out of dodge.

Feel free to correct me on any of these things! I haven't been paying close attention to this because it's my break and I know I'll hear about it the moment I go back to work. This is just based off of the Foreign Policy briefs I get emailed to me in the morning, so... Not comprehensive, at all.

/rambles, then goes to work out

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