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Been reading the news lately, and I'm just... not really impressed with the big name items. Keeping in mind, I read the news much more avidly at work than I do at home, so some of these stories may be dated... I just don't want to spend my off time stressing about these things. Which makes no sense, especially when they relate to me, but! Anyway, a list.

Tennessee has brought back its 'Don't Say Gay' bill. I'm fuzzy on how the first one failed, since Tennessee's a pretty conservative state. But let's hope this one meets a similar fate, because this one is even worse than the old one-- now teachers would have to tell parents if they thought their children might be gay?

The logic behind it makes no fucking sense to me. It seems designed to forcibly out kids so that their parents can fix them? Who am I kidding, that is exactly the intent. If you beat them and shame them enough, that'll show those gay kids. And then they'll be straight! Traumatized, but that's better than being gay.

Can't wait to fucking be done with this state.

I was planning on cheering for the 49ers, for the Superbowl? But then I found out about Chris Culliver's comments. And this may sound naive of me, but how do you even come from a football team with the name 'San Francisco' in it and make comments about how gay people just need to get the hell out of the NFL? You would think being in close proximity from one of the most liberal cities in America would make the point for you.

But I guess bigotry exists everywhere.

The last abortion clinic in Mississippi has received notice that its license is being revoked. And then NARAL put out a really interesting graphic: See where your state ranks in the nation with number of restrictions on abortion.

Some of the placements were really surprising to me. But still, I'm honestly really distressed about the women in Mississippi. And I'm worried that because of the lack of abortion clinics in Mississippi, they'll go.. where? Probably to Memphis, if they're from the top half of the state. Probably to Louisiana or Alabama on the bottom half. And Tennessee isn't super restrictive for abortion, surprisingly, but what if that just encourages it? It's frustrating as hell.

Then there's immigration. Gun control. Syria. I've taken to hiding my conservative facebook friends' statuses, because I just don't want to deal with it. Already pissed my family off at me, so it's just easier for everyone involved if I just hide what I don't like and sit on my hands.

Finally, Going to church no more makes you a christian than standing in a garage makes you a car.

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