grazie: luxrays @ lj (¶ All I hear is Blah Blah Blah)
{ the spell of the d r e a m} ([personal profile] grazie) wrote2013-01-30 01:23 pm

argle bargle

From the New York Times:

The Syrian government said that Israeli warplanes had carried out an airstrike inside its territory on Wednesday, raising the risks that the two-year-old civil conflict in Syria could spread beyond the country’s borders.

This is just becoming more and more of a mess, isn't it? I have a feeling once Afghanistan ends, they'll be pushing us all to Turkey or Cyprus. I would place money on that right now, actually. Argh. Plus, the reports that the Syrian Army HAS used chemical weapons. Though I think those have been discredited now?

Ironically, I haven't been following this very closely. I guess I just don't want to know.

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