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Long time no see! I'm sorry I haven't really updated my journal in ages. I've been too tired to come type out a long, drawn out entry. I still kinda am that way BUT TODAY!! TODAY, I HAVE PICTURES.

I'm going to be completely self-indulgent and post my pictures to show the evolution of my apartment from an empty room thing... to a place I live in. (shocking, i know. apartments are for living! who knew!)

So, I'll get started!

So, some base things I was looking for in an apartment: Washer and dryer in unit, pet friendly, allowed me to decorate to my heart's content, and relatively close to EVERYTHING. And I got that!

These next pictures you only get the initial picture of... they don't change THAT significantly, and who cares about what's in a person's closet or bathroom?

These you also get only one of, but that's because they're outside, and I can't change the pool area, and I don't really care about patio furniture atm.

ALRIGHT, BASE APARTMENT, RIGHT? WITH MY SILLY BOXES AND EVERYTHING. So I had to change that fast, and let me tell you. Ikea has the WORST directions for their furniture in the freaking WORLD. I spent FIVE DAMN HOURS and RAGE QUIT FOR AWHILE over the stupid entertainment center I bought. :| It annoyed me soooo much.

Yes. I rage quit over that. And yes, I managed to hang my TV on my wall. I WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY PROUD OF THAT, AND YOU CAN NEVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!

Then I realized I needed a bookshelf and went to crate and barrel this time for it. That thing? Took me an hour to assemble. 8| JUST SCREW YOU, IKEA. Also, notice my air force snowman and my gay pride flag. THEY SIT TOGETHER IN HARMONY...

It was the greatest day ever when Ikea finally delivered the chaise I bought. I finally had somewhere to sleep.

Then my bedroom set that I bought in San Angelo FINALLY arrived. It was fun (not) putting it all together, but it was no where NEAR as bad as that STUPID FREAKING ENTERTAINMENT SET.

THEN MY BED ARRIVED A FEW DAYS LATER. And I celebrated. I could finally stop sleeping on an air mattress.

AND THEN MY COUCH ARRIVED AND I COULD SIT ON THAT ALL DAY i love love love my couch okay...

(and then i took a picture of the other side to show how complete it was)

And then I went to get my newspapers framed, and FINALLY hung them up today. Making the main living space's decoration COMPLETE.


SO, YEAH. I just need to finish decorating my bedroom, and I kind of have plans for that. I grabbed some pictures from home last time I went, and I'm looking for some nice decorative frames to hang them up with.

SO, THOUGHTS? SUGGESTIONS? AM I CRAZY? I really wanted to do "black and white and read all over" for my decorating theme, but as you can tell, my wall isn't red. :( NEXT TIME, THOUGH, IT'S SO HAPPENING.

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