Mar. 13th, 2013

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Slowly but surely keeping up with my new year's resolutions of eating out less and exercising more! Just ran outside around the area, it was unbearably slow from the speeds I used to run, and difficult as hell compared to the distances I used to run, but I'm starting to get back to where I was.

I just need a good solid 10 pounds to drop away, and I'm not sure exactly why they haven't yet. ;~; But I'm working on it, including working on standing more at work? Won't compare to the work I used to do for GCI (standing? For 8 hours straight? I had a love-hate relationship with that job, but I can't deny that it, like waitressing before it, kept me in shape), but it's getting there.

I also need to get away from making sweets. I guess my problem is I sit there and make these delicious things like cupcakes and truffles? I would like to defend myself saying, "It's rare! And I typically dump what I make at work a day or two later!" And it's true. But still, the act of making them and chocolate and-- yesterday, I had a freaking chocolate overdose just about, and I only ate one of the brownie bombs.


Still my own worst saboteur. ;~;

BUT I feel like the fact that I am cooking these things myself, and exercising more, and actually eating less, because I'm not hungry near as often is good. I've just about cut out every extraneous source of calories (I drink coffee during my set, but water and the occasional thing of juice or chocolate milk (about one per day if that) for the rest of the time). I don't keep snacks in the house-- but I never did.

I've already seen how eating snacks while doing other things completely leads to eating an entire thing of like almonds when you really didn't mean to eat the whole bag, thanks Dad.

I just... feel okay with the habits I have, though I wish it was translating into faster weight loss. But... I'm sure by summer, my complaining will be a thing of the past.

For now, I'm really, really wanting to get next Thursday off somehow, so I can take advantage of 40% off at Gap, omg. ;~; I need new summery things!!


also. mad men season 6 poster is out. i want to know where the hell the mad men season 5 box set is-- that is a must buy immediately item for me.


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