Feb. 3rd, 2011

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Alright. The minigame I mentioned awhile ago? I think I am going to continue from my Oceana CFUW plot.

For those that don't know, I did a game of Cry Wolf where wolves were working for a traitorous Mr. Jones, that was trying to find out more about the company/destroy it from the inside. I'd have to refresh my memory on the characters a bit, revamp it a little... But I'd like to continue that, in the spirit of creepy exploration game that's much more freestyle.

Can I get a hand count for how many would want to play in that? And with what character, if you could? I'll make this post public, if you want to invite any friends.

Since it's freestyle, it won't be too tied into how much time you have. And if anyone else wants to help me out from behind the scenes, that works too.

EDIT: ... I just realized, NOT EVERYONE EVER is in CFUD. So here is the rundown on how this will play out:

Theme: I will try to base this firmly in reality with some supernatural hints. There will be things that happen to your characters, and if you aren't careful, yes, you could possibly end up dead.
Time consumption: At your leisure. I don't think it would be cool to look at the game for five minutes every day, but you should be able to get by with a couple of hours, because we do need the plot to move. It should only last a couple of days at the longest, but it will formally wrap up when the plot is finished.
Style: HEAVY exploration. Think RubyQuest style exploration.
Where will this play out? At my musebox, [livejournal.com profile] stopinthenameof.
Are any characters banned? Right now, I'd like to limit it to fandom characters. But if you can make a case for an OC, I may consider lifting that.

This is not long term, but there may be recurring chapters based on how well it goes. So, yeah.

The story: Oceana is a pharmaceutical company and has been doing terrible things to their customers... and employees. Jones is the name of a man working to oust the company from the inside. No one knows exactly where to find him. But the company is looking desperately, while searching for new recruits.

We will probably have a game chat on IRC. But I'll show you how to get there if you're not familiar with it.


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